People – get on the horn, email, tweet, whatever to your Congress Critters and Senators about this:
“The groundbreaking study was conducted by genetics researchers who analyzed the genomes of MRSA bacteria from patients and their farm animals, and found the samples to be genetically identical. Published on Tuesday in EMBO Molecular Medicine, the study confirms animal-to-human transmission of MRSA.

Study confirms MRSA transmission from livestock to humans

Here’s the link to the EMBO study results: Animal to human Transmission of MRSA

Louise Slaughter (who represents the Rochester area of Upstate NY) has put forward strong legislation to basically shut down the routine and uncontrolled use of antibiotics in livestock food and water which is causing this. Please take the time to read her release AND the legislation (HR 1150), which contains the history of knowledge of livestock antibiotic use in livestock and the promotion of resistant bacteria.

HR 1150

I leave you with one piece of information which will literally make you ill (because it did me): The USDA ALREADY had study results showing that this routine low-level use of antibiotics in livestock feeds and water would cause the development of reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. IN 1977.

In 1977, people. And they did nothing.

Photo from the CDC, in the public domain