Food Sunday: Food Fairy Tales You Can Use

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photo: State Library of New South Wales via Flickr

Once Upon A Time, there was this organization in Los Angeles which wanted to promote kids’ growing organic gardens at their schools. Let us call this Organization A and it has people such as Rosario Dawson and Ed Begley Jr. working with it to promote this worthy cause. And because there is Organization A, there must, per force, be an Organization B, which is a company which produces fertilizers and compost products which are labeled as organic and which are described as “products you can trust.” A high level manager (and it would seem family member) of Organization B is on the Board of Directors of Organization A (you’re hearing the scary “Jaws” music too, right? Me, too.).

Organization A is: Environmental Media Association. Organization B is Kellogg Garden Products, the chief sustainability officer of which is Kathy Kellogg Johnson, who sits on EMA’s Board. The problem is that 70% of their fertilizer mixes contain (cue scary organ riff) UNLISTED treated sewage sludge from city of Los Angeles and as we all know by now, this is toxic stuff filled with heavy metals, chemicals, broken down plastics and so on. Now, Kellogg has the right to put anything they want into their products, but you can’t call something with heavy metals ‘organic’ and you can’t call something with heavy metals in it ‘safe’ or ‘products you can trust’, especially if you don’t list it as an ingredient.

And the reason this has come out is that Organizations C and D, The Food Rights Network and The Center for Media and Democracy, blew the whistle on Organization B to Organization A. EMA 1

This is making Organization A extremely uncomfortable and the saga rolls out here. EMA 2

Now, the interesting thing is that I can’t find a thing in the LA Times covering this story and the other thing is – it is not just that growing veggies in this stuff will have the result that the kids will be eating veggies that have taken up such ‘healthy’ items as chromium and arsenic and other heavy metal contamination. It’s that the kids will be having direct physical contact with this stuff and we all know that kids are not exactly surgeons when it comes to washing their hands and so on. So, the chances of their ingesting this stuff is also pretty good too. Sounds like some people need to start calling not only the EMA but also the school district and get the kids out of the gardens before someone gets sick.

Fairy Tale Numero Due: Goldman Sachs Controls This Too. Want to know why food prices have gone through the roof over the past couple of years? There’s a lot of talk about Russian wheat crop failures and weather and climate issues but a large part of the truth is that Goldman Sachs devised (I know you guys are getting GS Guilt Fatigue but) a product that, along with the deregulation of the Futures Markets, changed everything.
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