Food Sunday: Food News and a Recipe

1:35 pm in Culture, Food by TobyWollin

photo: State Library of New South Wales via Flickr

What is common to baseball park mustard, pickels, commercial French vanilla ice cream, and curry?


This member of the ginger family has a substance in the tubers, curcumin, which is used all over the commercial food industry to make things yellow. Annatto is another spice that is used to make things yellow but we’re not discussing this today because a news story put my attention square on turmeric.

Scientists, using curcumin, have developed a drug which helps protect and regenerate brain cells after people have had strokes. Read more: Turmeric based Drug Shows Promise.

Unlike clot buster drugs, tissue plasminogen activator, “the new curcumin-hybrid compound — CNB-001 — does not attack clots but instead repairs stroke damage at the molecular level that feed and support the all-important brain cells, neurons.”

Turmeric has been used in Indian traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory for centuries, so this is merely a new scientific move to home in on turmeric’s many beneficial qualities.

But we’re here to talk about food – and here’s a frankly quick and easy way to get more turmeric on the table and into the tummy. I literally had to invent something quick the other night and threw this together. . . . Read the rest of this entry →