Read no further if you believe that Social Security’s benefits for you future senior citizens of 2050 are going to be too generous. Read no further if you are convinced that because a subgroup of you affluent seniors in 2050 might live long and healthy lives, that everyone who is fifty years old or younger today should have their benefits cut, and their retirement age raised another two years to 69, and those changes made permanent for all future generations. Read no further if you think retirement, survivors’ and disability benefits for those entering the workforce this year should be cut 36%. (See the chart below, from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:)

Snapshot 2012-10-22 10-12-17

Please watch this PSA describing the financial stability and integrity of the Social Security system. This PSA was created for young people to see, to encourage them, to empower them, to help them to understand that Social Security is there to provide them with earned benefits in a system of social insurance, which is built to last for the foreseeable future. The video is called Social Security: Just the Facts.

When politicians declared war on Social Security in the President’s Commission and later in the deficit ceiling negotiations, no one really believed they would do it. But there has always been a corporate push to destroy Social Security. Since 1935. And it has fallen on those living today, young and old to defend Social Security against those who would again try to weaken Social Security and then, destroy it.

Alan Simpson, the loud-mouthed, factually-challenged, -one who would reduce your future Social Security to a range of 9 to 15 K per year, calls people like me “Greedy Geezers”, then turns to you and tells you to resent me because I am going to receive something he wants to take away from you. It’s called divide-and-conquer and both R & D Presidential candidates have been using this same strategy. They try to neutralize the wrath of your parents by saying, only those under fifty-five should worry. Soon your parents will know what their false reassurances are worth. If they will betray the children, they will betray the parents too. And they already have:

In 1983, I was like you young ones, looking for work, going to school, looking for my partner in life.  In 1983, Reagan’s commission stole two years of Social Security retirement, pushing the retirement age up from 65 to 67,  and creating a total of 19% cuts to future generations.  Now they have come for your future retirement like they came for ours.  An ugly bargaining away of your future benefits looms in the ‘Grand Bargain’ of the congressional lame duck session. Don’t let them get away with stealing your earned benefits.