(Written by Old Guy w/The Dog. (OGwD))


Undercover Cop (UC): “My girlfriend says she likes what you’re doing, so I decided to check it out myself. I am on the fence, myself.”

He was wearing a V-necked sweater and a crisp, blue shirt and tie. His hair had a slight frontal wave as if he had to wax his crew cut to appear to have more hair. Brill Cream? He stood next to OGwD, side to side, signaling a conversation was intended.

OGwD: “Are you asking me why I am here?  ….. I can only speak for myself and my family.”

UC: “Yeah. (Nods.)”

Old Guy with the Dog takes a deep breath and looks up at the tall buildings, then up at the sky, and says, “Something’s got to give.”


UC: (Smiling.)     Old Guy with the Dog takes this to mean, “Go ahead.”   They are about the same age, the age of all-used-up with grey hair.

“They aren’t leaving us anywhere to go. I am like a cornered animal. I have been unemployed longer than just this economic crash. I did two training programs. I paid for those myself. But the jobs aren’t there.”

“My kids have 160,000 dollars in school loans. They did everything we asked them to. Studied hard. Got into good colleges. Borrowed the money so they could finish when we ran out of help to give them. But the jobs are not there for them. You think those banks up there in those buildings are going to forgive those loans?”

“I could sit up in my house and feed the woodstove. Or I could come down here and try to do something about all this. What would you do?”

UC: (Shrugs evasively.)

OGwD: “Well, something’s got to give.”