Pitting the Old Against the Young: A “Class War” Act

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Pitting The Old Against The Young

Recent efforts by “class war” opinion-shapers Brownstein and Ezra Klein, to pit the generations against each other,— give the impression that the elderly are the beneficiary of Federal governmental largesse to the detriment of children. Further study shows that local governments and State governments provide nine times more benefits for children than to the ‘olds’.  So claims of unequal treatment are pointless.

The ‘tell’ are relatively equal levels of poverty for old and young

Data from the OECD show that poverty is on the rise in 17 of 24 OECD rich countries, and an EPI chart from 2007 shows that both children and the elderly have experienced mutually unacceptable high levels of poverty,…… right here in the heart of financial excess and empire, right here in the good old U.S. of A..

Snapshot Old &Young U.S. Poverty

From a 2011 OECD study , we see that the elderly continue to have unacceptably high levels of poverty (22%).

Snapshot- 65 living in Poverty

Figure 1.1 in the new UNICEF report shows a stunning 22% of children below age 17 living in poverty in the United States. (Below.)

Relative Poverty, Children & Nations

Both age groups demonstrate unacceptably high levels of poverty. The United States has a very high GDP compared to other OECD countries. The contrast between the existence of high levels of poverty and a very high GDP indicates a very high level of income inequality. Yet the opinion shapers have wasted our time bickering over which generation is getting ‘more’ from government.

Don’t Let The Rich People Get Off The Hook

Dean Baker likes to frame this problem as the difference between what we spend on ourselves and what we give to the RICH.

Not convinced yet? Travel over to youtube and watch this video on Wealth Inequality!