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Rick Santorum Attempts to Explain His Racist Comments

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Here’s Frothy Mix‘s™ explanation for racist comments he made during an interview on CNS News:

For decades certain human beings were wrongly treated as property and denied liberty in America because they were not considered persons under the constitution. Today other human beings, the unborn of all races, are also wrongly treated as property and denied the right to life for the same reason; because they are not considered persons under the constitution. I am disappointed that President Obama, who rightfully fights for civil rights, refuses to recognize the civil rights of the unborn in this country.

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Rick Santorum Is Still an Asshole

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Rick Santorum — frothy mix, racist:

The question is, and this is what Barack Obama didn’t want to answer, is that, is that human life a person under the constitution? And Barack Obama says no. Well if that human life is not a person then I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say ‘now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.’

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Rep. Stupak Will Vote ‘Yes’ for HCR after Executive Order on Abortion is Agreed to

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Bart Stupak finally had his press conference. He announced he has agreed to vote "yes" for the HCR bill after an executive order on abortion was agreed to with the White house.

Here’s the presser:

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LIVE VIDEO: Rep. Bart Stupak Press Conference

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Rep. Bart Stupak Press Conference – live

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Scott Roeder Found Guilty of Premeditated First-degree Murder of Dr. George Tiller

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A jury has found Scott Philip Roeder, 51, of Merriam, Kansas, guilty of premeditated first-degree murder in the slaying of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller.

The case went to jury at 10:00 AM (local time). It took them only 37 minutes to signal that they had reached a verdict.

Roeder was also convicted of two counts of aggravated assault for threatening people as he fled the scene of Dr. Tiller’s murder.

Here’s video of the reading of the verdict:

Sentencing has been set for March 9th. Roeder will face a maximum sentence of life in prison with a chance of parole after 25 years.

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The Terrorists Have Won

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The women’s health clinic that was run by Dr. Tiller, the doctor who was murdered in cold blood by domestic terrorist Scott Roeder, will be closed permanently.

Attorneys for the Tiller family released this statement regarding Women’s Health Care Services, Inc.:

The family of Dr. George Tiller announces that effective immediately, Women’s Health Care Services, Inc., will be permanently closed. Notice is being given today to all concerned that the Tiller family is ceasing operation of the clinic and any involvement by family members in any other similar clinic.

We are proud of the service and courage shown by our husband and father and know that women’s health care needs have been met because of his dedication and service. That is a legacy that will never die. The family will honor Dr. Tiller’s memory through private charitable activities. The Tiller family wishes to assure Dr. Tiller’s past patients that the privacy of their medical histories and patient records will remain as fiercely protected now and in the future as they were during Dr. Tiller’s lifetime.

There will be no more statements or comments on behalf of the family on this matter.

Daniel E. Monnat

Attorney at Law

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