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Growing Up Palin (video)

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Growing Up Palin: Ex-governor and her family become celebrities

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Sarah Palin’s Fifty Nifty United States

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Sarah Palin’s Fifty Nifty United States

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LIVE VIDEO: Bachmann-Palin Rally in Minneapolis

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Bachmann-Palin Rally in Minneapolis:

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Sarah Palin’s iPhone

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Sarah Palin’s iPhone:

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What Should Glenn Beck Ask Sarah Palin?

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Last night, Glenn Beck tweeted:

Tomorrow I meet Sarah Palin for the first time. You’ll see the meeting on air at 5pm FNC. Tweet ?’s you would like me 2 ask.

Got any suggestions for him?

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CSPAN2 Interviews Some Palin Fans at a Going Rogue Book Signing

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Today’s Going Rogue book signing tour interviews video is brought to you the nice folks at CSPAN2′s Book TV. This stop on the tour was at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, Ohio.


In case you couldn’t make it all the way through the video, here’s a portion of the last interviewee’s remarks:

I think she’s knocked at every turn by the loony liberals and people that want to tear things down. They do it because they know she is a force for good, and I think they are only a force for evil. I’m sorry to say it, I’m 75 years old and I’ve seen a lot of changes in our country, but we are on the wrong road… absolutely on the wrong road.

Who does Obama bring in to the fold? People that haven’t paid their taxes, people whose goals and whose leadership qualities are Mao Tse-tung and others of that ilk. Why do we, why are we letting some little squirt, who might have a good view and a good ability to speak, turn us going in the wrong direction? We’ve made a great mistake, and we need to correct that mistake as soon as possible. And I urge every person in this country to get behind someone who can help us instead of taking us in the wrong direction. And at this point in time, one of the candidates for that event is Sarah Palin.

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Interviews From the Line at a Sarah Palin Book Signing

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The following interviews took place at the Columbus, OH stop on Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue book promotion tour. This is the GOP base and the ignorance is stunning (but not unexpected). Thank you Fox News.

This NEW LEFT MEDIA film was produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera).

From the Youtube description:


On November 20, 2009, Sarah Palin visited Columbus, OH as part of her book signing tour for "Going Rogue." When her supporters were asked broad questions about why they why they thought she should be president, the responses were vague: She’s "real." She’ll "stick up for America."

It has been said in comments that we would find similarly talking point-driven, substance-less supporters at an Obama rally, and we agree. But no politician has emerged on the national stage as undefined and unqualified as Sarah Palin, and her public persona–which is anti-intellectual by definition–discourages substance. Instead, we get winking. One could hardly imagine her giving a complex speech about race in America, or speaking eloquently about our country’s relations with Islam. Not just because she couldn’t write such a speech (Obama has speech-writers, of course) but because she wouldn’t–such necessarily academic discussion is antithetical to the persona she’s created for herself and that her supporters have come to love.

As for accusations of cherry picking, which are commonly thrown at interview-based videos, it simply isn’t what we did. We interviewed only a few more people than ended up in the video, not hundreds, and what was cut was done for time purposes. The people were selected at random–some offered to be interviewed–and we were only there for about 90 mins (it gets dark early and fast in Ohio right now). What didn’t make it into the video was just more footage of people talking generically or about taxes/spending, drilling, and abortion, and we constructed blocks in the piece to represent those issues. Of course the piece was edited to be entertaining (this is YouTube, after all, where the currency is cat videos) but we don’t believe we misrepresented the attitudes of the people at that signing in any way.


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Jon Stewart Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Sarah Palin

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The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart explains why he doesn’t like Sarah Palin. He manages to take jabs at Joe Lieberman, MSNBC, and more.

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Sarah Palin’s Farewell Speech – Condensed Version

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Here’s a condensed version of Sarah Palin’s farewell speech from Fairbanks, Alaska as she steps down as Governor of the state:

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Documents May Prove Palin Violated Ethics Rules

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MSNBC is reporting that a major news source, one that I will not name, has documents that may prove that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin violated ethics rules.

Rough transcript of MSNBC’s report:

An Independent investigator found evidence that Palin received improper gifts through a trust fund set up by her supporters to help pay legal debt. There is probable cause that Palin attempted to use her official position for personal because she authorized the creation of the trust fund as the official legal defense fund.

EdwardTeller has more here.