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by twolf1

Help Make the Digital Age a Conservative Age! Be a Tester!

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I just got this email from my newest bestest friends at the Action Team:

Help Make the Digital Age a Conservative Age! Be a Tester!

Dear twolf1,

Do you want to help shape the GOP web experience? The Republican National Committee is looking for individuals to help us put to the test, so that we can craft our website to create the best online experience possible. Selected testers will be invited to a hands-on session with our new web platform.

This is your chance to have a direct impact on the Republican National Committee. Don’t hesitate; head on over to and sign up today!

The GOP Action Team

Just fill out the linked form for your chance to become part of history… or the future… or whatever.

Go Team!

by twolf1

The Democrat Socialist Party

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At a super-secret meeting on Wednesday, the RNC will debate and vote on a resolution calling on the Democratic Party to be renamed the "Democrat Socialist Party."

Setting aside the juvenile idiocy of this RNC strategy — which is exactly the type of strategy that has been losing elections for them and I highly recommend that they continue — I think it is only fair to come up with some new names for the Republican Party.

How about:

  • The Limbaughcrat Party
  • The Teabaggers
  • Weeping Boehner & Associates LLC
  • The Aristocrats

How do you think the Republicans should be re-branded? What should they be called?

Leave your suggestions in the comments.