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Live video from CPAC 2011

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Live video from CPAC 2011 from MSNBC

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Many in Fox News Focus Group Still Believe President Obama is a Muslim

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Even Frank Luntz is amazed…

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Go Vote!

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(h/t Watertiger)

Do you know where to vote?  Find out where your polling place is using the map at this link.

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Teabaggers Kick Racist Mark Williams Out of Tea Party

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In a desperate fight to hide the racism that runs rampant throughout the tea party, the National Tea Party Federation (or NAMBLA) has booted Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express for Mark’s racist blog post [Warning: link to Williams' site] that made national headlines last week.

Teabagger spokesman David Webb:

We, in the last 24 hours, have expelled Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the National Tea Party Federation because of the letter that he wrote.

Here’s Williams’ MSNBC appearance/blog-whoring/book-pimping on Friday:

I guess the teabaggers will now claim to be free of racism.

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Teabagger Embraces Palin’s Telepalmter; Bill Maher Blasts the Teabagger Cult

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Teabagger candidate Donn Janes (TN-08) takes Sarah Palin’s palm-written crib notes and turns it to a campaign commercial:

Apparently cheating is one of the teabaggers’ most cherished values.

On Real Time With Bill Maher last night, Maher rightly blasts the teabaggers as being a cult, not a political movement:

…cult members always attribute all of their problems to one simple explanation. Now here’s an amazing statistic. In a recent poll almost ninety percent of Tea Baggers said that they thought taxes had either gone up or stayed the same under Obama. Only two percent thought they went down. But the reality is taxes have gone down for ninety five percent of working families taxes went down.

Think about that. Only two percent of the people in a "movement" about taxes named after a tax revolt have the slightest idea what’s going on…with taxes.

So, it would be easy to just mock, except that those who fall under the control of cults aren’t necessarily weirdoes, they’re victims. And we shouldn’t forget that these people are our relatives, our neighbors and the folks at the next table in the restaurant. Especially if that restaurant is Hooters and it’s dollar wing Wednesday.

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What Should Glenn Beck Ask Sarah Palin?

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Last night, Glenn Beck tweeted:

Tomorrow I meet Sarah Palin for the first time. You’ll see the meeting on air at 5pm FNC. Tweet ?’s you would like me 2 ask.

Got any suggestions for him?

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Tweety Toys With Two Teabaggers

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Today on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Tweety spoke to Everett Wilkinson of the Florida Tea Party Patriots and Allen Olson, a S.C. Tea Party Organizer — both obviously prominent teabaggers.

“I believe Sarah Palin would make an awesome President.”

Palin/DeMint 2012!

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Teabagger Explains Global Warming

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My brain hurts.