The answer to my most gnawing, constant question dawned on me just the other day;

Why don’t ‘they’ see that they’re driving our nation over the cliff?

Why don’t ‘they’ see that their rapacious greed is wrecking the very economy that made their own wealth possible?

Why don’t ‘they’ see that they’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg?

Then it dawned on me that you can visualize our economy in a certain sense, as a wave, a wave that the PTB have been both shaping, and riding.

They’ve worked very hard to build this thing, and they really succeeded in getting a tremendous amount of momentum going here.

Our MOTU are a crazed gang of hoodlum surfers, and they’ve caught a monstrous wave.

It’s all a matter of hysterical momentum.

They are riding a mountainous wave of greed fueled hubris, and they see some sort of illusory finish line ahead where the rest of us see a very real chasm.

They cannot stop, they would never in a million years think of stopping.

As things are, there is virtually nothing standing in their way other than a terribly fragmented and uncoordinated public opinion, and that public has been so thoroughly convinced of it’s own helplessness that so far, it’s been mostly staring down the road in anticipation of the crash.

It is already too late, the tipping point is here.

It is no longer possible to make believe that we can turn the Democratic party around convince them to listen to our pleading.

I’ve had my doubts, but those doubts have disappeared, yes ‘they’ intend to take everything, and the Democrats as much as the Republicans are helping them carry it all away.

It’s no longer necessary to list their crimes, we all know what they are.

It’s no longer necessary to convince anyone of the uselessness of petitioning our politicians to come to our aid before it’s too late, everyone knows that.

There is one thing we might do, one thing they don’t expect, one thing that would at least make us feel less complicit in our own ruin.

Instead of sitting out this disgusting election season, instead of joining the ranks of the dispirited, we could get out and vote for Jill Stein, and the green party.

On election night we could turn off the TV, ignore the vote tally and get a good nights sleep secure in the knowledge that for once we haven’t been snookered into voting for the lesser evil.

If enough of us did this, we could show ‘them’ quite convincingly that the tipping point is now, and that we’ve had enough.

It won’t require torches and pitchforks.

Let’s proudly turn our backs on those who’ve sold us down the river, and vote for Jill Stein.

The tipping point is now.