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We Can’t Handle The Truth

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There is no such thing as cold.

When a person dies, freezes to death, let’s say. It is not because cold creeps into his or her body, it is because the heat necessary to sustain bodily functions creeps out.

Heat is a one-way street, heat flows in one direction, when we say something “cools down”, what is actually happening is the heat it contains is flowing out of it, and into something else.

Hot and cold are therefore not a true dichotomy, they are words used to describe relative values along a single continuum, that describing the presence of heat.

There is really no problem inherent in our use of a false dichotomy in everyday discussion of the weather, but there is a problem in our political discourse that flows directly from our clinging to a perspective based on another false dichotomy;

The problem as I see it, is that we, who find ourselves so deeply troubled by the results of our government’s activities, are stymied in our efforts to affect change by our own tacit agreement that that change might be affected by participation in the supposedly legitimate dialog between the ‘two political parties’.

We are encouraged at every turn to understand that our politics can be described as the engagement between two parties whose ideologies represent opposing sides in a legitimate argument over the proper role of government, each side holding opinions that reflect their legitimate understanding of the Truth; that is, the “way things really are” and the logical decisions that flow from those understandings.

What I’m saying is there is no real dialog of opposition happening in our politics.

It is not necessary to prove, and enumerate the lies and deceptions, is only necessary to face the Truth that by this time should be burned into our hearts by the fire of disappointment;

There is no party of ‘Family Values and Fiscal Responsibility’ just as there is no party of ‘Peace and Compassion for the Poor and Powerless’.

What we have witnessed, but do not fully comprehend, is the one-way flow of Truth, and that out-flow has resulted in an almost absolute deficit of Truth in our politic discourse.

The single most important illusion resulting from this deficit is the false understanding that our politics is held hostage by an ideological stalemate.

Contrary to this almost universally believed illusion, we are not engaged in a dialectic between two opposing ideologies so much as a one-way battle between those who would like to make political decisions based on Truth on the one hand, which I would describe as “the way things really are”, and those who insist that we also entertain all sorts of ideas completely unrelated to observable reality; that is, various fabricated opinions and arguments whose only purpose is thwart the natural political impulses of those whose decisions are based on Truth.

The very most important thing we must come to understand is that the people who agree with those of us who wish to make political decisions based on the Truth, are by and large excluded from the two-party system, the government and thus the political process, and that our politicians are by and large those who have agreed ahead of time to confine the political discourse to those arguments whose only purpose is thwart the natural political impulses of those who prefer decisions be based on Truth.

The only opposition that actually exists, is between we, the 99%, utterly excluded from the political decision making process, mainly because our world, and thus our political aspirations revolve around what is real and true, and the 1% whose absolute control of our political discourse, our government and the M$M has resulted in the conditions we find ourselves working so hard to endure.

We are one people

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When I first wrote about Asymetrical Access to the Press, my intent was to shine a bit of light on the mechanism by which groups of political rivals are manipulated and kept at each other’s throats to the great benefit of colonial/occupier power structures.

It has recently dawned on me that the American people are caught in the same bind that so complicated the struggles that I wrote about.

I’ve been very frustrated of late, by the seemingly unbeatable tactics of America’s ruling elites which keep people at the bottom of the economic pile at each other’s throats, principally by wielding a monopolistic control over the media to perpetrate the myth of a population riven by a vast intractable divide, each side relying on the efforts of their representatives chosen from one of two major parties to save them from inevitable predation at the hands of the ‘other’.

Please excuse a small digression;

Kevin Phillips, in his book The Cousins War, does much to trace the origins of one of the historic rifts that has provided a convenient foundation upon which to build this incredibly useful myth of a country divided. Phillips’ book does much to explain the origins of our own Civil War and the divide between Americans, North and South. It’s well worth the read.

Back to the point at hand;

I had been wondering how we Americans could avoid being driven down the road to civil war by the likes of Glen Beck and Rush, and I have written on these boards that I was sure we would have to find a way to engage the people we call Tea-Baggers very soon in order to both diffuse a much too volatile situation and to facilitate the fight against the pirates who are busy stealing our future.

The very first thing working-class progressives have to realize IMO is that our own cherished perspective, that those who are committed to stealing our future are exclusively Republicans, who must be attacked, and that the antidote to this problem lies with the Democrats who must be supported at all costs.

The very first thing that working-class conservative Americans must understand is that the enemy is not embodied in the Democratic party and it’s constituents, and the republican party has no interest in you and yours, other than which way you vote.

The American people, conservative and progressive, are hobbled by these false and self-defeating perspectives, and we are being manipulated to hate each other because the villains who are busy stealing our future know that they are safe as long as we are fighting amongst ourselves.

A people who are to busy hating each other cannot, and will never, come together to defend their common interests.

You cannot imagine the relief that rolled like a wave over my mind upon reading that Jane had found a way to short-circuit both the conspiracy of silence that surrounds the machinations of the pirates, and the self-imposed right-left perspective that offers a convenient frame our for our political struggles, but also chains us to a debilitating anger that ultimately hinders our efforts to regain control of our futures.

I was despairing over our seemingly hopeless situation, and wondering where we were ever going to find an opening in the impenetrable armor provided to the pirates by the MSM, when much to my surprise, we find that Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic Prince of Darkness, Karl Rove’s democratic doppelganger, is involved in a monumental scam and a feverish and ongoing cover-up.

The Republicans did not wreck our future by themselves, and the Democrats did not sink our country by giving it away in exchange for the votes of people who don’t look us.

The two major parties are utterly corrupt, bought and paid for by the people who are busy robbing us blind, and they maintain control by encouraging us to fight with one-another.

The only thing the pirates fear is that one day we will come to our senses, stop fighting each other and make common cause in putting an end to corporate control of our government.

We are not two peoples divided by irreconcilable differences; we are one people intentionally incited to hatred by those who would control us so as to rob us.

Jane, you are a national treasure, thank you.