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We Can’t Handle The Truth

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There is no such thing as cold.

When a person dies, freezes to death, let’s say. It is not because cold creeps into his or her body, it is because the heat necessary to sustain bodily functions creeps out.

Heat is a one-way street, heat flows in one direction, when we say something “cools down”, what is actually happening is the heat it contains is flowing out of it, and into something else.

Hot and cold are therefore not a true dichotomy, they are words used to describe relative values along a single continuum, that describing the presence of heat.

There is really no problem inherent in our use of a false dichotomy in everyday discussion of the weather, but there is a problem in our political discourse that flows directly from our clinging to a perspective based on another false dichotomy;

The problem as I see it, is that we, who find ourselves so deeply troubled by the results of our government’s activities, are stymied in our efforts to affect change by our own tacit agreement that that change might be affected by participation in the supposedly legitimate dialog between the ‘two political parties’.

We are encouraged at every turn to understand that our politics can be described as the engagement between two parties whose ideologies represent opposing sides in a legitimate argument over the proper role of government, each side holding opinions that reflect their legitimate understanding of the Truth; that is, the “way things really are” and the logical decisions that flow from those understandings.

What I’m saying is there is no real dialog of opposition happening in our politics.

It is not necessary to prove, and enumerate the lies and deceptions, is only necessary to face the Truth that by this time should be burned into our hearts by the fire of disappointment;

There is no party of ‘Family Values and Fiscal Responsibility’ just as there is no party of ‘Peace and Compassion for the Poor and Powerless’.

What we have witnessed, but do not fully comprehend, is the one-way flow of Truth, and that out-flow has resulted in an almost absolute deficit of Truth in our politic discourse.

The single most important illusion resulting from this deficit is the false understanding that our politics is held hostage by an ideological stalemate.

Contrary to this almost universally believed illusion, we are not engaged in a dialectic between two opposing ideologies so much as a one-way battle between those who would like to make political decisions based on Truth on the one hand, which I would describe as “the way things really are”, and those who insist that we also entertain all sorts of ideas completely unrelated to observable reality; that is, various fabricated opinions and arguments whose only purpose is thwart the natural political impulses of those whose decisions are based on Truth.

The very most important thing we must come to understand is that the people who agree with those of us who wish to make political decisions based on the Truth, are by and large excluded from the two-party system, the government and thus the political process, and that our politicians are by and large those who have agreed ahead of time to confine the political discourse to those arguments whose only purpose is thwart the natural political impulses of those who prefer decisions be based on Truth.

The only opposition that actually exists, is between we, the 99%, utterly excluded from the political decision making process, mainly because our world, and thus our political aspirations revolve around what is real and true, and the 1% whose absolute control of our political discourse, our government and the M$M has resulted in the conditions we find ourselves working so hard to endure.

It’s All Only Make Believe

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It’s all only make believe.

It’s as if we’ve all signed an agreement to ignore reality. We’re ignoring the ever growing pile of evidence that points to the fact that our current economic troubles were not an unforeseeable bump in the road, but the inevitable result of decades of corruption on the part of our country’s elites.

We’ve been making believe that all of our problems are simply the result of the last eight years of republican rule and that redecorating the White House was going to ‘fix’ it.

The trouble is, our problems did not develop in just the last eight years, in reality they’ve been festering for at least the last thirty years and they are rooted in the almost total corruption of our financial elites and their almost complete ownership of our political class.

About half of us have been making believe that all we had to do was elect a democrat and pretty soon, everything would return to “normal”. The trouble with that is, what most of us, even those of us who think of ourselves as progressives would prefer to think that normal means those prosperous Clinton years, when we didn’t seem to have a care in the Read the rest of this entry →

You Just Don’t Understand

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It’s been very disturbing for me to discover how completely we’ve accepted the various false histories meant to hobble our ability to grasp our present economic condition, and the route we’ve followed to arrive here.

We’ve swallowed hook, line and sinker, the notion that Wall Street somehow represents not only the perfect distillation of the American essence, but is also the one sure barometer of our nation’s economic health and by extension our own.

We’ve accepted as obvious that those who lead our financial sector represent the best and brightest minds our country produces and that they can and must be trusted because other than a few rare bad apples, they have nothing but high intentions and a strong focus on the common good. We should accept that their self-interest is the most trust worthy regulatory mechanism known to man.

But the most disturbing assumption that we’ve seemingly accepted, uncritically from top to bottom, is that all of politics and the world of finance comprises a very big "game", and that only those persons who understand, who really "get it" are qualified to play, let alone comment on the action, the players, and of course the all important rules.

At this point it goes Read the rest of this entry →