Colorado Drought Eases; Texas Drought Worsens

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With over 5″ of rain in some areas of Colorado during the month of May, drought conditions have eased, especially in northeastern Colorado.  That’s the good news, at least locally.  The bad news?  An increasing proportion of Texas is being classified as being in ‘Exceptional’ drought conditions.

As seen in the figures below, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor (via NOAA’s NCDC), 4 Colorado counties that were under ‘Severe’ drought a month ago are now not designated as being in drought.  And instead of being in severe drought, 8 additional CO counties are now only ‘Abnormally Dry’.  Some of those counties are found in the Denver metro area and include Adams, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe.  Additionally, counties to the southeast of the Denver area are now only in ‘Moderate’ instead of ‘Severe’ drought.  Unfortunately, the southeastern portion of Colorado remains in at least ‘Severe’ drought, with at least some portion of 5 counties experiencing ‘Extreme’ drought while one county (Baca) is also running into ‘Exceptional’ drought conditions.

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