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(all photos by wendydavis via flickr.com)

The rather small mountain is Menefee; all the photos are from just outside the house or from the window by the table my laptop sits on.  The first one is from yesterday afternoon when the fire really got rollin’.

The plane is the four-engine jet that carried in some slurry; I haven’t checked into it, but it is awesome. Blurry photo; it was pretty far away.

The red one is this morning’s sunrise against very smokey La Plata range; the others are from sometime before noon when the sheriff’s deputy came and told us we had exactly two minutes to get out.  Mandatory Evacuation.  (booo!)

We live below Flintrock, the Mesa Verde sandstone formation you can barely make out in the last two fire photos.

The giant bumble bee on the delphs I just put in cuz I felt like it,  cuz they offer hope…and remind me of moisture, as well as the joy of having some bees come back around.  ;o)

[Update]: As young Elijah is one of the stars of this diary, I thought I’d stick in a photo we’ll call: Four Jas.  ;o)


(wendydavis via flickr.com)