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OregonLive has the story and good art.  I’ll let Caleb and the videos speak without my interference.

“Nicholas Caleb, 29, a spokesman for Portland Action Lab, said the rally was an attempt in continuation of the Occupy Portland movement to bring together those fighting for different causes in order to bring down austerity cuts.

“It’s another effort to get that energy organized,” he said. “People oppose the status quo. Occupy was one of those and there will be many more.”   Caleb said he hopes the rally will make a difference.

“Each act of dissent shows the reality,” he said. “People are suffering and desperate. These types of rallies show that the energy is still here and will be for a while.”

Organizers said they had hoped to draw as many as 1,000 people to participate in a mass demonstration against corporations.

The event is organized by Portland Action Lab, a group that spun out of Occupy Portland gatherings and organized the F29 Shut Down the Corporations protest last February and the N17 Occupy the Banks action. Occupy Portland and other organizations are endorsing the event.

Organizers are hoping protesters in other cities across the country will also stage demonstrations as part of the campaign. “Mobilizing the Saturday before the election was an intentional tactic to call attention to the lack of true democracy in the political system,” the group said in a press release. “Both political parties have agreed to force the burden of this ‘crisis’ on the people.”

Anti-Austerity protesters attempt to free themselves from an illegal police kettle in NE Portland on November 3 2012. It was confirmed afterward that several of those hit with chemical weapons were students.

Police used pepper spray and force against #N3 anti-austerity protesters as they tried to breach police lines and head northbound from NE Halsey St to 14th Ave. Dozens of people were covered in the liberal use of the spraying of the front lines. Portland, OR, USA, 03/11/2012.

Reactions after the police use of pepper spray on protesters at the #N3 anti-austerity protest. Portland, OR, USA, 03/11/2012.

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