Christmas Eve email from the White House:

The (Gingerbread) White House

It weighs 300 pounds. It’s definitely bigger than a bread box. It’s got a working water fountain, and it’s edible.

It’s the Gingerbread White House.

We put together a time-lapse to show you how it came together — and to get you in the holiday spirit.

Watch the video — and if you like it, pass it on:

Today’s greetings and blessings:


Meanwhile, at food banks all over the nation, need outweighs donated foods.  Yes, Mister President, it’s up to US to feed the hungry, while you pretend that it’s a natural state of affairs, and none of it your responsibility, and of your design.  And, oh: that ‘transition’ of decreased troops in Afghanistan?  My wish is that you won’t secure your new SOTU either now or in April, and that the Afghan leaders throw out the US military and ISAF altogether, and ban private contractor mercenaries, as well.

In Maryland:



In Stockton:



In Over-the-Rhine, Ohio:



In the Bay Area:



But yes, please shine a light on the needs of the soldiers you send into ‘harm’s way’ in wars of choice and Empire, Mister President, as you advise us to feed our own.



Make community with others wherever you can;  love and truth are all we have to light the dark corners. of the world.


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