My online friend Anthony Freda sent me this video a couple days ago; he kindly allows me to use his stellar artwork for my diaries.  From


“I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of the best venues for illustration in the world.   They include Time, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Business Week, Playboy , The New York Times and scores of other fine publications.

 My work has also been included in the annual illustration and design competitions of The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Print Magazine and The Society of Publication Designers.”

You will no doubt remember Michael Prysner’s disturbing testimony from the Winter Soldiers event in Silver Sprngs, Maryland in 2008.  Amy Goodman featured clips here.  ‘Meet Michael Prysner’ of March Forward!.

On the Most Recent Fort Hood Killings (from the Guardian):

‘The senior officer at Fort Hood said Friday an “escalating argument” with fellow soldiers preceded a shooting rampage in which a soldier fatally shot three people and wounded 16 others before killing himself this week.

Lt Gen Mark Milley said investigators believe Spc Ivan Lopez’s mental condition was not a “direct precipitating factor” in the shooting, a day after officials said it appeared to be an underlying factor in the attack.’

(A vet’s objection to ‘the Myths of military PTSD and violence’ can be read here.)  Note: he does not mention the alarming rise of veteran suicides.  Prysner’s Our officers kill more U.S. troops than the Taliban: Record suicides prove our right to refuse to fight can be read here (with 2014 updated statistics).

 Michael Prysner weighed in on the new Ford Hood shootings on Twitter:


‘I’ve visited Fort Hood twice, spoken with countless PTSD soldiers and did outreach in the mental health clinic; care there is beyond abysmal’  He was asked to elaborate, and did so here.

Thank you, Anthony Freda, Michael Prysner, David Swanson, and all of those who are dedicated to peace and are working against the American Empire project.



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