Yes, every day, war and more war and calumny, suffering and privation…for me, that can wait until tomorrow, For tonight, may we stop and look skyward, and enjoy the photos of this big blue ball provided by Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, and gain some measure of peace and perspective.

May we also contemplate what ShootThatArrow is wont to say so poignantly, It didn’t have to be this way.” From RT:

‘A Russian cosmonaut has posted stunning pictures of the supermoon, giving a preview to one of the most dramatic space events of the year. On Sunday, stargazers will be able to view the biggest and brightest moon in 20 years.

Oleg Artemyev posted a series of amazing images depicting the giant moon’s journey orbiting the Earth on his Twitter account, calling it “the supermoon moonset.”

The images give a glimpse into one of the most anticipated and exciting astronomical events of the year, when the moon is at its fullest.

This Sunday’s supermoon, known as “Perigee,” will be the second and largest of the three to appear this summer. The moon on Sunday is calculated to be about 50,000 kilometers closer to Earth than when it is at its furthest point, known as “Apogee.” It will make the moon appear 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than full moons usually appear.

The previous supermoon was seen on July 12, resulting in spectacular images and prompting millions to crane their necks to see the phenomenon. The last of the three moons this year is expected to appear on September 9.

“This is the supermoon, the ‘superest’ supermoon,” NASA scientist Noah Petro told during a video interview. “The two full moons around this one are also close, but not the closest. By the strict definition of a supermoon or a perigee moon this one this weekend is the closest full moon of the year. The other ones are spectacular but not quite as close as this one.”‘

Read more here to see the moon photos larger, and/or watch a NASA video on this week’s Perseids Meteor Shower.   (I’ll toss in a few other photos of the earth he took; they’re breathtaking. Here’s his Twitter account for more.  Oooh; and RT has added additional breathtaking moon photos since I’d last looked.

Thank you, Oleg Artemey, and thank you earth and cosmos for your incomparable beauty and gifts. Our apologies for treating both with such insane disrespect. May we collectively learn to do better soon.

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