Seven O’Clock News Silent Night

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(You might want to play the song for ambience as you read…)

Good evening, fellow Americans. This is Howard Handupme bringing you DNN’s seven o’clock news.

At least 18 Iraqi military officers were killed by three suicide bombers in an ambush on Saturday in the Sunni Muslim-dominated Anbar province.  Another 32 soldiers were wounded.  No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials are diligently monitoring Facebook and Twitter accounts for indications.

Ronnie Smith, 33, a chemistry teacher from Austin, Texas, who was working for more than a year in the International School Benghazi was killed on his morning jog when four unidentified assailants in a black Jeep shot him December 5.  In a recent interview with DNN’s own Allosaurus Cooper, Smith’s wife sent her husband’s killers the message that ‘she loves them’.

DNN’s correspondent in Seoul is reporting that following protests against the secretive regime this week, North Korea sent a fax to South Korea on Thursday, threatening to “strike mercilessly without notice if the provocation against our highest dignity is to be repeated in the downtown of Seoul.”

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