Because It’s Never Too Early to Acclimatize the Children…

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Our nation’s children need to adapt to the current zeitgeist, because ‘fitting in’ and being ‘one of the crowd’ is so key to avoiding a miserable, lonely childhood, even tween-or-teenhood, isn’t it? For those of us who walked our own lonely roads as kids, or watched the society around us with unease, even sometimes trying to pass for normal, well, look where that got us, eh? Yeah, it’s still evident that we came from The Land of Misfits, still destined to be Losers in search of a revolution, or chatting with others online because there’s nothing else for us to do at this point. Some of us losers (cough) even posted blogs on Christmas Day, for the love o’ Pete (whoever he is)!

Well, it’s time to give in, I say, and allow our children and grandchildren to be healthier and happier by Walking the Path Most Traveled. Yes, indeed, we have help now, from not only Disney, the NSA, and my friend, Dada-esque NYC artiste Anthony Freda.

I recently discovered the Junior Disney Channel, with its oh so helpful videos like ‘Always Do What the Doctor Says’, because submitting wiling to any authority figure is always easier, not to mention completely advisable in all cases. My aim is to walk you through a few aides relevant to developmental steps and ages, with the caveat that there are those whose development we might consider ‘arrested’.

You will simply lovelovelove Shutterbug Time’s Special Agent Oso, a wee ladybug-sized snoopy-spy drone who sends her data…well, hell, I’ll let her wings do the flyin’:

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