Pinkertons Tracking Occupy ‘Wolves’ for Wall Street Plus Other Coordinated Efforts

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Echoing the hideous history of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency* aiding the Robber Barons at the turn of the last century by infiltrating, spying on, and breaking union strikes by way of intimidation and other thuggery and violence, they are back in the news this week.

Now under the umbrella of Stockholm-based Securitas AB, Bloomberg News is reporting that the group is coordinating with other investigative firms to track protesters plans for the May Day General Strike** and NATO protests in Chicago.  The spokesman indicates that they are collecting data through social media and ‘assemblies’, which I take to mean ‘infiltrating Occupy general assemblies’.  Some Pinkerton opeds say that in their new incarnation, the Pinkertons are ‘armed with briefcases’ now; as opposed to saps and guns, I assume they’re implying.  We’ll see.

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