Massive US Weapons Deals and Obama’s Middle East ‘Reset Button’

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A couple weeks ago I’d read a piece at Al Jazeera about the President being dismayed that India had rejected the fighter jet deal he had pushed on his recent visit to India.  Apparently India decided that Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet and Lockheed Martin’s F-16 failed to meet technical criteria.

The Nation reported that the NYT had this to say:

“In a report from New Delhi, The New York Times described India’s decision as “a blow for President (Barack) Obama, who had pushed hard for this and other defence deals during his visit to India in November as part of his agenda to deepen and broaden the United States’ relationship with India.”

“While political and economic relations between India and the United States have been warming for years, American arms makers have struggled to win big contracts” in New Delhi, it said.
“After decades of frosty relations during the cold war, which pushed India to rely extensively on the Soviet Union for military hardware, many in the Indian defence establishment are still wary of American intentions and United States military aid to Pakistan, India’s main adversary,” the Times said.”

Now I don’t know about you, but when I read some of the Wilileaked cables that spoke about US Ambassadors pushing deals for arms and weapons systems at cocktail parties, it disturbed me; I was stuck in the past as to the meaning of diplomacy and diplomat; you remember, the old-school talking to each other to solve problems. Since then, I’d been considering writing a play about the subject except for the fact that a) I don’t know how to write a play and b) I don’t know enough about either the military hardware of the international players to write it as believable satire.

And some might argue that it’s really not very funny any more. And this week, I’d almost be forced to agree after a new package of information was published at TomDispatch.

Nick Turse recently did an in-depth analysis of the Pentagon documents and found some pretty startling and damning numbers concerning the volume and dollar amounts of arms sales around the globe, and especially to the most oppressive nations of the Middle East.  A lot of deals are in the works, and it’s hard to see how any of them will be reneged upon.
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