Green Capitalism and the ‘Peoples Summit’ at Rio+20

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(by Anthony Freda, via wendydavis

The United Nations Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development will take place in Rio de Janeiro from June 15 to 22, 2012.  Over 135 heads of state and government may or may not show up, and up to 50,000 participants, including business executives and civil society representatives are expected to attend.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calls it “one of the most important conferences in U.N. history”.

Moon may be right about that, but it will only be important if the groups with clear vision about the disastrous future the earth and her inhabitants are facing are able to make enough of a media splash to offset the expected yawn the Summit is expected to be.  If, and only if,  the world takes notice of The Peoples’ virtual consensus on the causes and heed their many warnings, solutions and suggestions, many of which require immediate action, some require institutional frameworks designed to longer term permanent mechanisms.

There is no shortage of online critiques of the dismal failure of the agreed-upon ‘goals’ that came out of the first Earth Summit twenty years ago.  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention to Fight Desertification, and the Convention on Biological Diversity were all formed out of the conference, and both have tragically fallen prey to an environmental form of Disaster Capitalism promulgated by transnationals dictating national policy in far too many nations.

By all accounts, the pre-Summit working group meetings (most closed-door, apparently) have been so contentious that little is left on the agenda that concerns the environment.  Even the outcomes from the first Summit were mainly about voluntary reductions in pollutants, no teeth at to enforce…anything.

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