Radical Black History Month

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This diary should more rightly be titled ‘Radical Black and Other Radicals History Month’, as it would reflect not only its contents, but the contributing catalysts that led to its almost inadvertent creation.  I hope they’re of interest to you, but if not, and you’d rather look at my bird or four-legged photos, help yourself, but don’t say there weren’t alternatives.  ;o)

It may be that I’m a bit obsessed by drones, though the military prefers to call them ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’, and torture myself a bit by keeping current.  Since Wired’s danger room keeps up with the latest police state and war technology, I peeked in recently and first saw and read their exclusive: ‘U.N.’s Drone Investigator Backs Brennan for Top CIA Job’.  For those of you who were tickled that the Special Rapporteur would look without bias or preconception into the ‘legality’ of the Obomba/Brennan program, never fear; it’s all good:

It’s an unlikely endorsement. Emmerson, a British lawyer, has put the U.S. on notice that he won’t hesitate to investigate U.S. “war crimes” if he uncovers evidence of them.

But aha; I did find ‘5 Homeland Security ‘Bots Coming to Spy on You (If They Aren’t Already)’.  On the right side of the page was a link to a ‘Batman and Occupy Comics’ piece; as a major fan of the Democracy Movement, I read and liked it.  An excerpt:

Matt Pizzolo’s new project, Occupy Comics, is an arty protestation of similar mind built around the movement that has spread from New York City to the rest of the nation, shining a spotlight on widespread unemployment, government bailouts for banks and other toxic issues.

“It’s a great conversation to be having,” he said. “The Occupy movement is a paradigm-buster. Anyone who tries to impose a left-right paradigm on it winds up looking out of touch and irrelevant.

Comics as progenitors of illuminated thought; I love it.  On the cover of one of the issues was artist Anna Muckraker’s red-haired-lioness-heroine protester holding a black flag with this message:

“It isn’t the rebels
who cause the troubles of the world;
it’s the troubles
that cause the rebels.”

~ Carl Oglesby, SDS

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