Inspirational: Fania Davis and Restorative Justice in Oakland

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Allow me to take you on a bit of a journey; Fania’s evolution over time, from militant radical to cultural societal healer…  This clip thrilled me to the bones, as I hope it will for you.

Even as far back as 2007, it is said that she signed her emails with this quote:

It it clear that the way to heal society of its violence…
and lack of love Is to replace the pyramid of domination
with the circle of love and respect

~ Manitonquat, Wampanoag elder

The ‘pyramid of domination’ might indeed refer to centuries of male authoritarian rule domestically, the ‘violence of  the way society is organized‘. . The metaphor could also stand for Imperialism and constant wanton destruction of anyone deemed (as in: constructed) as ‘enemies’, whether in the original ‘Axis of Evil’, PNAC’s list, or those targeted so blithely in the Everlasting War on Terror’, which theme allows a constantly changing/evolving list of ‘enemies’.  We have seen up close and personal how that construction has worked: it’s created more and more global citizens who (small wonder) wish this nation harm…and has created a continuous loop the military/security/contractor/news complex loves. That permanent war stance is mirrored throughout the citizenry, fightingshootingkilling each other, rather than utilizing any other alternatives, including mental or spiritual healing.

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