San Francisco Bans Public Nudity: A Light Open Thread

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Yes, this diary is partially by way a bit of a holiday antidote to the vast amount of horror stories that are coming at us here at home and to far too many all over the world.  When I first spied the news at the Guardian while watching the live-blogging of the events in Gaza, I was mainly just tickled by it all.  But this morning I read a piece at Counterpunch that indicates that it’s a real issue for some folks, so I reckoned it might be a nice topic to explore little bit.  For the legal beagles here, there are apparently various legal and Constitutional rights to consider as well as cultural/societal ones.

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 6-5 to ban public nudity in a motion brought by the regrettably named Scott Wiener.

Mr. Wiener:

This situation has changed” he said. “It’s no longer sporadic. It’s seven days a week in this neighbourhood where people live and work and conduct their lives.”

He said people were standing at the corner of Market and Castro, “displaying their genitals to anyone who is passing by. It is very much a ‘hey, look what I have’ mentality.”

While he recognised that Castro was a place of “freedom of expression,” he said: “That doesn’t mean we have no standards whatsoever.

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