Sincere Apologies to Africa: The West Needs to Save You from Their Propaganda

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malian farmer

Malian Farmer in Bowere Village

It was a mere six months ago that AFRICOM was touting its missions in Africa as ‘stabilizing’ failed states, and ‘aiding development’ (read: trade deals, labor exploitation, mineral resource grabs).  You no doubt remember the shifting termilogically inexactitude (h/t: L. Strether) of the Brown-People-Needing-to-Be-Dead characterizations in Afghanistan and other ‘theatres’ in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).  It eventually had ratcheted down from al Qaeda to generic/fuzzy ‘Taliban’, ‘militant extremists’ to ‘militants’ (as in: any male of a certain age, yada, yada).  But like the proverbial Bad Penny returning to characterize the black-People-Who, etc., the MSM stenographers are dutifully claiming that in Obomba’s letter to Congress of two days ago announcing that he’d sent another drone fleet to Niger to help ‘spy on’ al Qaeda in Mali, the die has now been completely cast.

Never mind that all sorts of military have said publicly that many of the insurrectionists only have loose ties to Al Qaeda, and have no intentions of harming the US.  Never mind that many investigative journalists say that the Tuaregs in northern Mali have legitimate gripes, and that the west is supporting the Fort Benning-trained Amadou Sanogo who led the military coup against President Amadou Toumani Toure, head of an arguably corrupt, but democratically elected government.

Never mind that the US has armed and aided African leaders who committed massive genocides in African nations; never mind that much of the violence seems to be direct blowback from arming and training the Salafists in Libya (G. Greenwald)…the West loves to be frightened by ‘Eek!: al Qaeda being trained in vast sparsely populated deserts in…The Moddle East!  The rest of Africa!  Never mind that former Secretary of State Clinton on her last African jaunt warned that they’d be keeping an eye out since China was looking to usurp their resources and the US didn’t like it much.  (William Engdahl’sMali and Africom’s Africa Agenda: Target China’ is long, but illuminating, if a bit confusing for the Average Bear like myself.  The bits on France’s need for uranium were fascinating, for instance.)

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