Idle No More Indigenous Elders Are Requesting Our Help

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Idle No More

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“Native Elders will ask for spiritual help on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, at noon in Winnipeg and Minneapolis (CST). In Winnipeg, Albert Taylor, 85, will sing the death song used by the 38 Dakotas who were hanged in Mankato, Minn., in 1862. Blockade in Manitoba on Wed., Jan. 16 2013. “We know that we are still alive today because the Dakota Ghost Dancers prayed for us, now we must pray for the future generations.”


The Elders are asking for time to consider the spiritual side of our understanding. On Saturday January 19th, we gather to protest at the RCMP station in Winnipeg but for one hour from noon to one, our Elders will take over and remind us of the spiritual part of our people. Midewiwin women (a secret Ojibway medicine society) have been walking for years praying for the water, they walked across North America and around the Great Lakes but few know of their strength. The Midewiwin women will join the ceremony at noon, bringing their power to help and they will pray for the water. Many whites and some of our own people do not understand this and will be like Diego De Landa thinking that this is only superstition. As more people become victims of hurricanes and weather disasters, they may yet come to understand that our Mother is conscious and aware of us, even if some are not aware of her.

                                                                              ~ First Nation Ojibway Terrance Nelson

You probably know the history of the Dakota 38 (video movie trailer here), being the largest mass extermination on American soil ordered by Abraham Lincoln who was making sure that those pesky Redskins would be subjugated once and for all by this example.  The 38 were hung on Dec. 26, 1862.

You may or may not know that the Ghost Dance movement was brought to the Lakota and other tribes by Northern Paiute Wovoka, whose vision showed him that if Indians would live in harmony, meditating, chanting and round dancing, the dying earth would be reborn cleansed of white men, and inherited by Native Americans; buffalo would again roam the long-grassed plains.  White man’s ways were to be utterly shunned, especially the destroyer, alcohol.  Wovoka’s vision spread like wildfire across the Great Basin.

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