Must Go Viral Videos: Econ4 plus Bottom Line on Foreclosures

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(Please don’t be alarmed; all of these videos are short, sharp, and sweet):

Yves Smith was on a softbox video last week with a few other heterodox economists.  This video can serve as a foreclosure primer to your friends and family members who really don’t know the basics of Wall Street’s creating the criminally fraudulent bubble that resulted in massive pain to many of the 99% and is still reaping huge profits and bonuses to Wall Street 2 Big 2 Fail banks and loan servicers.  Since the hat tip goes to her, and only through her site did I find the Econ4 series, she’s up first:

We might quibble with a couple points, and add some other key points like selling sliced-and-diced mortgage credit default swaps on bundles they knew were doomed to fail, MERS robo-signing of deeds, etc.

On to more from

Economics for our times and for our shared future requires profound departures from the orthodox economics of the past. We need an economics for the 21st century. is your guide to new ways of thinking about economics.

Now it’s on to the Introduction to Econ4.   These educational videos are brilliant: great graphics, simple explanations and fun music that allows a person enough to listen without putting up defenses automatically, imo.  I mentioned to Mr. wd that I might say: ‘Even Mr. wd liked them!’  (and he didn’t throw anything at me…Whew!)  ;o)

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