Andrij Parubiy, ecretary of the National Security and Defence Council of the new Ukrainian government.

Andrij Parubiy is the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of the new Ukrainian government. Before the toppling of the Yanukovich regime, he was the “commandant” of the Euromaidan protest forces. In the past he belonged to different Ukrainian parties, mostly of the right and extreme right political spectrum. At the moment, he is a member of the Fatherland party.

Parubiy has now been accused by former Ukrainian security chief Aleksandr Yakimenko of supporting the obscure mercenaries who killed several people with sniper shots, demonstrators as well as policemen:

First shots were fired from the Philharmonic building. Maidan Commandant Parubiy was in charge of the building. On February 20, this building was used as a base by the snipers and people with automatic weapons. They basically covered those who were attacking the demoralized policemen running in panic, hunted down like animals. They were followed by armed people with different kinds of weapons. At that point, somebody opened fire at those who attacked the police, and some of them were killed. All this fire was coming from the Philharmonic building.

According to the German Handelsblatt the very same Parubyi has now been mandated by the Ukranian government to lead the investigation into the sniper shootings.

Last week the new pro-west Ukranian government announced an investigation of the shootings by a parliamentary commission. The panel would be staffed with representatives of all fractions, a speaker said. International experts, Physicians, ballisticians and eyewitnesses would be interviewed.  The head of the National Security Council, Andrej Parubiy, has been picked as the leader of the panel. (Translated from German)

The German government has declared that it will espouse an internationally surveyed investigation. How will it deal with the case of Andrej Parubiy?

Photo by Sasha Maksymenko (cropped), used under creative commons license.