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Over Easy: How Coffee Works

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So many important topics I’d like to write about, too little time. Sigh. In Lieu of a proper post, here is a video explaining how coffee works.

How’s everyone doing today? Gracie did well in surgery, although she has been drugged up all weekend. She has to go back to the vet on Wednesday to have her dressing changed and get a post-surgery once over by the vet. We expect the results of the biopsy over the next couple days, so think good thoughts for us.

Over Easy: Another Caturday Night

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Nagi is cheating on me with another cat lady. I’m convinced of it. He comes home late at night, if at all, and hasn’t slept on my head for weeks. I swear I smell tuna on his breath. He hasn’t gotten any from me. I feel so betrayed.

Whassyer problem, lady?


Strangely, Gracie has been spending way more time indoors than usual in spite of the beautiful, summery weather. I wonder if it is because she is getting old. It’s almost unfathomable to me that she is 12! Feels like she just came home yesterday.

Gracie used to be overweight, rather severely so. Once the front door was opened and she was allowed to roam, the weight seemed to melt away. We should all be so lucky.

Distorted Gracie


Abner is just as he always is, full of backear and acerbic derision. I’ve found him napping a lot in an empty flower pot on the deck that’s surrounded by a flurry of fallen oak leaves and acorns. Instead of looking particularly cute, the pot makes him look a dry kind of overripe, if that is possible. I wish I had a picture of him in it.

How are your kittehs doing? Deposit your cat stories here. As always, off topic is on topic and lurkers are encouraged to join the chat. Come on lurkers, you know you want to brag about your cat.

Over Easy: Caturday Night Edition

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It’s been a while since we’ve gotten down to the important bizness of talking about our animal masters, namely our cats.  The obvious and foolish mistake in overlooking the importance of our feline overlords has been noted, with much prejudice.  *severe backear*

Gracie is not pleased.


Nagi, who traveled from Florida and SouthernDragon’s brood to join my fambly in Northern California is officially an indoor-outdoor tiger.  Newly let loose on the great outdoors, Nagi (aka Shadow, Shadoodle, or just Doodle for short) is exploring the challenging world of tree climbing, grass eating, and ballsy neighbor Tom avoiding.  So far he has gifted us with two live mice in one mouthful, and one dead mouse.  On his first free carouse outside, he ate so much grass that he came right back inside and promptly threw up.  He seems to be much happier and more confident since he can go in and out when he pleases, and he is even getting used to the novelty of the fine drizzle that has been falling recently.

Nagi in his element.


Nagi and Abner have learned to coexist peacefully, but Abner has taken the role of Alpha male.  Nagi is second in line for meals, gets second choice of sunning spots, and has been relegated to the foot of the bed whenever Abner snoozes on my torso.  Although Abner is marking more than in the past–including on the brand spanking new kitchen counters–no fur has flown for some time.  Good news.

A is for Alpha and Abner


How are your little lords who wear fur or feathers?  All animals are equally adored here, so add links to your cutest pictures below.  Special welcome to lurkers who want to brag about their cuties.

I’m on west coast time, so I’ll join comments around 7:30 PST.





Pull Up Your Cat: Nagi Update

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As most of you know, I’ve been lucky enough to adopt one of the late SouthernDragon’s kitties, a little black Manx named Nagi.

Just as SouthernDragon described him to us on Caturday, Nagi is a happy mix of love and mischief.  He has slept on my head like a hat, knocked dishes out of my kitchen cabinet, escaped the house through a tattered screen not once but twice, and generally fouled the domestic felicity of the two older resident cats, Abner and Gracie, with his kitten-like antics.



Nagi’s days are spent curled up directly under the heating vent in front of a big picture window overlooking the yard where birds, squirrels, and deer keep his interest along with the teasing spite of Abner enjoying the freedom of Outside.  At night, Nagi likes to sleep in bed under the covers with my arm securely around him, and if I don’t cuddle him just right, he’ll have no part of sleeping on the bed.


My two boys are crazy about Nagi, who they have renamed Shadow.  I figured SD wouldn’t mind that we renamed him, especially since Nagi is the Lakota word for shadow.   The older boy’s job is to exercise Nagi, either with the red dot or our homemade cat dancer.  The only problem is that the feather bits of the toy got eviscerated and all that’s left is a long white piece of elasticized string.  To Nagi, that seems to be the most interesting part, and he jumps around wildly chasing the tiny thread as my son drags the cat dancer through the house.


Abner and Gracie have been less welcoming.  I can’t say I blame them.  Nagi is a bundle of kitten energy compared to the older cats who just can’t seem to tolerate his high energy lifestyle.  We’ve had a lot of hissing and growling incidents, all of which are from the older cats directed at Nagi.  For his part, Nagi  deliberately annoys Abner by playfully chasing him around the house, but Abner loathes this game and usually takes a swing or two at Nagi to stop his fun.  Gracie avoids any and all contact with the unwelcome intruder.


Overall, Nagi’s integration into the cat family has been a lot more difficult than expected.  I’d like for everyone to get along without complaint, but we’ve got some work left to do.

How have you handled troubled cat relationships at your house?




Hollywood Nagi’s Transcontinental Trip

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Hollywood Nagi

Update4:  Nagi is One. Cool. Cat.  Another picture.

Update3:  Met Nagi and Richard’s friend who was taking care of Nagi.  What a lovely person.  She was moved to emotion sending Nagi off to his new home.  I see why she and Richard were friends.

Update2:  Landed in Tampa and plan to meet Nagi and his companion at noon.  Will try to link pictures.

Update1:  About to take off from JFK to Tampa.  3 hour flight.

As many here know, when our friend SouthernDragon passed away, he left behind a houseful of pampered, privileged cats he chatted about every Sunday morning at Caturday.  Several of those cats came to SouthernDragon as a last chance home after experiencing difficult conditions previously–homelessness, injury, etc.

OmAli has led the effort to safely relocate all the kitties to a local animal sanctuary for homeless furries and the FDL community joined together to raise the money to pay their way.  All have arrived there except one:  Nagi.

Nagi (pronounced Nah-GEE, he’s the sleek, confident one on the left) is a 4 year old, 9lb. 9oz. bundle of black fur and love known for his mischievous temperament.  His name comes from the Lakota language and means “shadow”,  no doubt chosen because of SouthernDragon’s interest in American Indian folklore and such.  Hollywood was added by SD’s friend perhaps because he is California bound.  SD noted many times on Caturday how Nagi knocked this or that off a shelf, broke a lamp here or a teacup there.   I was smitten and fell in love with him from across the country.

Nagi will not be joining the other kitties at the animal sanctuary.   Instead, he will be making his way across the United States from SouthernDragon’s old place in St. Petersburg, Florida all the way to California to his new forever home with my family here in the San Fransisco Bay Area.  Welcome Nagi!

Thanks to the help of several pups (thanks again everyone), I am flying to Tampa to meet SouthernDragon’s friend who will deliver Nagi to me.  Nagi and I will then fly home together, Nagi safely in a carrier in the cabin of the plane tucked in a nice comforting hidey-hole under the seat in front of me.

I’ve promised to blog Nagi’s trip and to add pictures of the trip.  Check for updates above.